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The NITC Campus Networking Centre(CNC) is the central facility providing internet,intranet,hardware and software support to the entire staffs and students community of NITC Campus.
CNC manages the internet connectivity(both wired and wireless). For the network services, centre has the high end computational servers on which accounts are given to students, staff and faculty of the departments.
National Institute of Technology Calicut has an extensive fibre optic network over the whole campus. The present campus network basically comprise of more than 30 KMs of Fibre Optic cable backbone with 80+ routed internal networks managed by Unified Threat Management System.Presently the network is served by 5Gbps(1Gbps internet leased line from NKN,1Gbps internet leased line from BSNL and 3Gbps internet leased lines from BSNL).
Hardware maintenance unit of CNC provides quality service support to minimize system downtime in the entire campus.The services include installation,troubleshooting and maintenance of computer and peripheral devices,operating system and software installation.
CNC functions on 24 x 7 basis 365days without any holidays.

Our Services


Provides internet and intranet facilities to whole staffs and students in the campus .


Installation,troubleshooting and maintenance of Laptop,Desktop Computers and Printers


Installation & maintenance of Operating systems like Windows and Linux.


Installation,Configuration and Maintenance of IP Phones and IP Phone Server.


Provides support for video conferencing in different platform.


Installation,Configuration and Maintenance of IP Cameras,NVR & DVR

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